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Are you a recent graduate, or in the last year of an academic program and have an interest in a possible career in diplomacy or international development? If so, an internship with a UN agency may be of interest to you.

In my career abroad, I met many UN interns who were eager and talented who during their 2 – 4 months internship contributed to their agency’s work in a meaningful way. It is definitely an excellent addition to your resume if you meet the criteria. Check out all the details here:

You should note that UN internships are not paid and all costs must be born by the individual or the sponsoring entity.

You can explore a variety of internships as well as regular UN agency vacancies at the site operated by the UNJOBs Association of Geneva. (This entity is not part of the UN system).

NOTE: The UN does not charge fees in any part of the application process. Be aware of possible scams seeking your bank or other related financial information.

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