Overseas Adventures – A book trailer

Recently, the editor for my book wondered if I had done a book trailer.

“Book trailer?” I asked. Before then I hadn’t heard the term. Rebecca said “It’s similar to a movie trailer but instead of a movie the trailer promotes a book”.

Well, it didn’t take long to find on Google lots of information about book trailers – what they are, how they’re made, what to put in and keep out.

Well, I have no shortage of photos and even some video clips so I said to myself, “Why not?”

Years ago, I was the audiovisual department head at Holland College in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island and we produced scores of training videos for other departments at the college. In those days we used 3/4 inch U-Matic tape and equipment for production. How times have changed!

These days cameras and editing equipment are digital and most of us have basic video production gear on our laptops. Among the multitude of applications on my computer I came across one recently added by Microsoft called Clipchamp. That’s the program I used yesterday to produce my first book trailer, one of many for different audiences, I hope.

Drum roll, please.

See video below.

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