Remembering there is light even when things look dark

A retired church minister had an opportunity to read the draft of my upcoming memoir, Overseas Adventures – From Afghanistan to Zambia and Points In-Between. I was pleased to learn he enjoyed the memoir and descriptions of the places where I worked and people I met. One of his most touching references was about making contributions to the common good, and “in a world that seems so marked with violence and destruction reading your book really cheered me up”.

In response, I shared with him references to two other inspiring stories, one about a man with physical challenges who found new purpose in helping others, and another about empowering women in Malawi. Two examples of light in the darkness. The projects under which these videos were produced were both funded by the European Union and technically supported by the ILO and UNESCO respectively.

To see the first video, Google to find the home page for the TVET Reform project, Bangladesh or use the link below. Press the play button on that web page to view the video.–en/index.htm

Video about a disabled man inspired to help others

To see the video about empowering women in Malawi, go the the STEP Malawi website and find it here:

Or watch it on Youtube:

Music video with English sub-titles

Two stories to brighten your day. Enjoy and perhaps consider how you too might bring some light.

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