International Labour Organization (ILO) Has a New Recruitment Website

I have been doing some work for the ILO in Jordan, and thoroughly enjoyed engaging with issues the agency is tackling there.

The new recruitment website identifies a variety of employment opportunity types including:

1. international (at the professional level);

2. development cooperation (on a project or program);

3. local;

4. temporary (less than one year);

5. junior professional officer and interns;

6. consultants.

At the time of writing this piece (Sept 27, 2022) there were 77 vacancies listed with a description of each available. There is also a map that gives a picture of where postings are located.

I commend the page that provides helpful hints on completing an application. The application form is comprehensive and may take more than two hours to finish.

However, it will only take a few minutes to go to the website and have a quick look! If something catches your interest, you can explore it further.


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