UNRWA is on the verge of financial collapse

This message was part of the speech presented on behalf of UN Secretary-General, Antonio Guterres, at the UNRWA pledging conference on June 2, 2023.


When I saw the report in the media it caused me considerable distress since I know UNRWA well and the excellent work it does after being a consultant with the agency in Gaza starting in 2005.

It is with relief that I can report and say thank you to the United States for their large contribution of USD 153.7 to UNRWA announced at that conference.


My two years working with UNRWA involved enhancing the application of ICT in schools in Gaza and technical support for new curricula at the Gaza Training Center and establishment of the Khan Younis Training Center.

I am glad that on-going financial contributions from different development partners will see education opportunities continue for Palestinian children and youth through UNRWA. However, regular, and guaranteed funding for UNRWA continues to be a challenge.

Funding Trends

UNRWA provides regular updates on contributions from various countries. In 2022, Canada ranked 11th in size of contributions. Canada provided nearly USD 24 million.


New Education Chief is Canadian

Dr. Julia Dicum is presently the Director of Education at UNRWA and joined the agency in 2023.

Best of luck Julia in your very important role.

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