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It has been a busy summer, and a sad autumn. Just two weeks ago my younger brother Earl Shears passed away with cancer. He never travelled for international development work but was a very active community member in Beaver Bank, Nova Scotia and was always interested in my travels and activities abroad. Rest in peace, Earl. You will be missed.

Some weeks ago, CUSO International sent me a fund-raising message which I try to respond to on an annual basis especially since the Government of Canada matches the donation many times. You might want to check with your favourite international charity to see if your government provides similar support to non-governmental organizations.

With the mailout, CUSO International shared an infographic which nicely summarises some of its work including numbers of volunteers, e-volunteers, and countries of assignment including by the way northern Canada. See the infographic below.

Do any of the locations tickle your fancy? Why not check out the CUSO International website to see what placement opportunities are currently available or are in the pipeline. If working physically abroad isn’t practical for you, remember you might be able to e-volunteer or see your donation to CUSO multiplied many times.

Why not check it out? Why not, indeed?

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