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Thinking about the next series of topics for my BLOG, I decided to highlight some additional international volunteer agencies. The first agency described in this new series is the Peace Corps which by coincidence is celebrating 60 years of service in 2022.

Peace Corps has a wonderfully rich website which among other things describes two main volunteering options including 2-year, regular assignments, and shorter specialised stints. You must be an American citizen to apply and usually require a relevant degree but in some cases persons with 5 years of relevant experience will also be considered. When I checked the Peace Corps website on December 27, 2002 there were a number of vacancies advertised in different categories, and in different parts of the world including Africa, Central America and the Western Pacific among others.

By clicking on these different sectors, the different vacancies are revealed with descriptions of the location, the job itself, living conditions, essential and desired qualifications. Reading some of the vacancy descriptions reminded me that such assignments are often challenging and not suitable for everyone but for those with the right background, attitude and flexibility, these assignments can be very rewarding from both personal and professional perspectives.

The application process can take several months but there are a series of recruiters available in the US to answer questions and help applicants through the application process.

Even if you are not an American citizen, you may find the descriptions of countries and the work that Peace Corps volunteers are doing abroad to be of interest. If you are a US citizen, “…and ready to change the world”, you can follow the three steps listed on their Home Page.

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