Overseas Adventures – From Afghanistan to Zambia and Points In Between – Available Now

After a long wait, this interesting set of stories will be released in December 2022.

My memoir is now available however, the book launch is delayed while I work on assignments for the ILO in Jordan and Lebanon; also my book designer in Malawi had power outages as he did a book redesign.

But long story short, the memoir is available in soft cover or as an ebook in epub or mobi format. There is also a pdf version for those who like to read on their computer.

The book launch details are not yet available but will include both a physical launch in Halifax and an online one with my friends organized from the Eastern townships of Quebec. The latter will have an international audience.

My website now has a storefront and shopping cart where you can order whatever version of the memoir you like. The store front and shopping cart are available now – simply click on the left hand button in the menu above – Overseas Adventures.

I will also put the memoir on Amazon and/or other online stores but that will be in the New Year.

Send your suggestions to: aeshears@northstarskillsfordevelopment.ca

You can win a free advanced copy if you are among the first five to reply.

The cost of the soft cover version will be CAD 20 plus shipping. The ebook and pdf versions will be CAD 7.99 – cheap at the price.

You can order the book now. Pleasant reading!

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